Heat Wave Bakes City

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For not only the past few days, but weeks, much of the United States and Eastern Canada has been locked in a deadly heat wave that won’t relent its grasp, and Hathian is no exception.

With temperatures of 90F (32C) without humidity, and with ‘feels like’ temperatures well passed the triple digits, staying steadily at around 110F or (43C), people have been warned to do anything to stay cool, even a night when the mercury  dips passed what feels like 95F (36C).

“Remember to drink your fluids, keep yourself hydrated.” says a staff member at Hathian General Hospital. “If you don’t have to go outdoors, stay inside. Turn on your fans, close your drapes, and make sure that your pets have cold water all the time. Small children and the eldery have a higher chance of not only getting heat stroke, by dying in weather like this.”

With no end in sight for the high temperatures, people have also been warned to watch out for thunder storms, but with little rain to accompany them.

“Because of the warm, humid air, we are more susceptible to have thunder and lightning storms.” says local meteorologist Wentworth the Weatherman. “We don’t want a repeat of last year where we not only had a few close strikes, but a woman actually hit by lightening, so when they weather turns bad, make sure to stay inside.”

Health specialists advise that if you are outdoors, refrain from stimulants, some medications, alcohol, and caffeine, as these inhibit cooling and cause dehydration. Always be sure to wear sunscreen, because not only can over exposure cause painful burns and even blisters, but possibly skin cancer as well. Drink lots of water, wear hats, and remember that light coloured cotton clothing is your friend.

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