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A tornado has touched down in our small town of Hathian. If you were there, you  were a part of the massive devastation, the fear shown, the noise, and that odd humming sound that came from somewhere over in the vicinity of the Grind.

Winds were ferocious, rain was torrential and the streets and buildings were flooded. As of today the damage is still being tallied. There are injured and there are fatalities, but there’s no way of having numbers told to us yet as no one is commenting.

Wherever the tornado touched down there is going to be heavy damage, take great caution in walking the streets right now, the water levels are still quite high and there’s no telling what damage has been done to the street below.

There are medics on standby at the hospital and doctors on call for folks that need assistance after last night. As of yet, no sort of release has been sent out by our city officials on help that will be arriving or coming to those in need of it. But you’d think they’d be telling us soon, I can’t imagine the city officials are just going to let us all wade around aimlessly with no hope in a time like this.

If you’ve anything you can offer help wise, let the hospital or PD know, I am sure there will be search parties going out for missing individuals or even bodies that have not yet turned up.

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