Explosion Rocks The Rub ‘n Tug

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Hathian – Last night a loud boom was heard through the city as the local massage parlor burst into flames.  The flames were scene from almost anywhere in the city, causing emergency responders to rush to the scene. On arrival the continued to battle with the scene as police and EMTs started to help the four hurt individuals that were located just outside of the building.

The victims who’s names were released early this morning: Lars Calhern, JayBee Keox, Jake Kuhn, Sadie Helendale, all received burns to their upper torso and face in varying degrees.  It appears that they were all standing outside of the building when it exploded pushing them back into the street.

Though still under investigation by police, some believe that this activity is gang related, due to the recent spark up of hostiliaites.  Though no offical comment was released by police one is left to wonder if there are any friends left in the PD of Mr. Calhern, and what if anything would happen because of the event.

No one on the behalf of the Rub ‘n Tug could be reached for comment, but it is susupected to be out of business for some time, this leaves several to wonder what will happen to all those employees.

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