Storm leaves body in wake

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HATHIAN – Police discovered the body of an unidentified man on the roof of the YMCA building in the wake of this weeks storm. Officers Kyben Ferraris and Boysie Blaisdale were the first on the scene and state that the body was reacting to a caustic material that had not yet been identified.

Detectives discovered an empty laundry cart along with the body with all contained blood and some of the compound in which the man was burned. Due to the rain, no tangible evidence was able to be collected.

At this time police have no leads and are current conducting an investigation. This is the third unexplained murder in three weeks. The second body found at the Gein Burger has been identified as Sian Ryan,a college student at Columtreal University.

Anyone with any information on any of these murders are asked to contact the Police Department.

Hathian Police Department News Release from Officer Fae Lindley

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