Fire Destroys Big Top on Last Night of Hathian Show

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What should have been a night of wonderful spectacle for the Hathian Show ended in disaster Sunday night as the Big Top was burnt down to the ground, forcing both human and animal performers as well as the public to flee.

At this point, it is unsure how the fire started, but it spread quickly as the Knife Thrower reached the end of her act. There is no word as yet on casualties, but it is thought at least a half dozen people have been treated on scene, with more taken to Hathian General Hospital.


It is believed the incident started as the knife thrower (later to have been found out as being pregnant) started to bleed while performing her act, causing her last blade to hit the volunteer attached to the wheel.  The fire juggler dropped one or more of his props and it started a blaze that rapidly spread from the bleachers on the right of the big top across to the left side, causing panic among the watching audience and both animal and human show performers.

There have been no fatalities reported as of the this time, though at least half a dozen or more people were either treated on the scene or taken to Hathian General Hospital to receive medical treatment.  The Hathian Observer’s own Deathly Fright was treated for burns, and her friend was treated for a large injury to her left shoulder, the result of the errant throw from the performer as previously described.  It is believed that most of those treated were treated for smoke inhalation and heat related injuries.  Thankfully, none of the performers were seriously injured, and praise needs to be given to the Hathian Show performers for their swift evacuation of the big top.

The pier beneath the back of the big top collapsed into the bayou and the tent collapsed in frames, leaving little to no evidence of what was the biggest show of the year here in Hathian.

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