Taskforce Take-back: An Anti-Crime Initiative

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Swift justice, batons colliding against frail skulls and screams of chaos are only a few of the things that ensue during the arrests conducted by Taskforce Takeback. Who are these daunting individuals cracking down on the criminals of Hathian?

Simply put, they are a team of dedicated officers bringing forth a new era of the Hathian Police Department.With means to bring about an anti-crime operation, they are targeting criminals of all levels to drive home their message:

Crime does not go unpunished.

A few days before their first operation initiative, reporter Luna-Rose Valentina was invited to accompany and observe these fine members of society in action. They required a member of the press to accurately portray them to the public whilst aiding in the deliverance of their message to the intended audience.

While many citizens have learned to adapt to their violent surroundings, safety continues to be a dominating issue within the community. The head officer of Taskforce Takeback, Salvador Rejos, believes that the people of Hathian -primarily the criminals- have forgotten who’s really in charge. Rejos had this to say about the situation:

“We’ll be driving through the streets and choosing some nasty criminals to teach a lesson to. I don’t care how we teach that lesson. These streets belong to us and Taskforce Takeback is about proving that. We’re here to instill fear in the hearts of the cold-hearted.”

Such an operation would undoubtedly sway the power balance in Hathian in favor of the HPD. Stronger consequences would be dealt out to criminal activity of all levels and this would undeniably pose a threat to any illegal activities or persons operating within the city.

The first mission was launched on February 4th. A large UPS van holding three officers and our reporter toured the streets of Hathian in search of viable candidates for the new operation. The officers -who shall remain unnamed- spent the majority of the ride reflecting upon their current stance within the city and what this would mean for the HPD in the future.

Within minutes, a suitable felon was spotted in the form of whom they assumed to be a prostitute and her John. The following events were riddled with violence and resistance of captivity. Through their intensive training, the officers were able to arrest the two felons along with a civilian responsible for assaulting one of the officers. The first operation initiative proved to be a great success.

This was undoubtedly only the first of many HPD tactics to come. Taskforce Takeback will undoubtedly make a mark on the level of criminal activity within the city. Ultimately, time will reveal the lasting impact it leaves on Hathian.

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