Of Zombies & Gangs

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Correction: 13/04/24

The Hathian Observer wishes to note that the machinations and workings of the various groups and gangs within our City are sometimes almost impenetrable. Sometimes we robustly investigate and find a range of evidence to support a particular viewpoint, sometimes we have to make do with a source that despite our best efforts to verify, later turns out to have led us astray.

Sadly, it appears in the article below, the hard work of Viv, one of our best, has led to a topsy-turvy world where while it appeared the Rejects were trying to frame the Yuugen for drug related deaths, it actually appears to be the other way around. Should we be surprised? The Yuugen, dealers of terrorism to all of Hathian were probably experimenting for their next sick ‘game‘.

These drugs arrived on the market and according to sources it may be the case that the Yuugen tampered with them, adulterating a batch so that side-effects were magnified; which for some users led to death. While we cannot condone any group making and distributing drugs, adulterating them as part of some trouble, is low, even for the Yuugen.

This is a finely balanced piece. What cannot be argued against is that a batch of bad drugs has left people dead and injured in Hathian. The Observer wishes all citizens would refrain from illegal highs and concentrate on weed and other legalised highs that can have therapeutic or pain relief benefits. You could also try alternative therapies at for example Alice’s Chinese Medicine Shop.

In conclusion, we now have two competing narratives and considering that rumours of a large falling out between the two groups have occurred, it seems quite plausible that dirty tricks have been employed.

We will also be training Viv to spot competing narratives. These are difficult to see but important that we always try our hardest.

Daiyu Tang – Editor

Original Article Follows:

By: Vivienne C.

I bring to you an odd story, or perhaps it is very befitting of the madhouse that is sometimes our city. I received an anonymous tip that a new drug (distributed as salt baths) was making people act like zombies! Yes, you heard that right, as in biting chunks of people and roaming around moaning weakly, like some underpaid extra from a Romero horror flick.

There were claims that two people have died already from this drug and while these claims have not been verified with the hospital (it’s hard to get details confirmed and unlike most other towns, HPD runs such a closed shop on potential crimes, that such deaths can easily be swept under the carpet (or maybe rolled up in one..) , so maybe take with a grain of suspicion unless you see for yourself death certificates that states the cause of death. Anyways I digress, the anonymous tipper for this story turns out to be affiliated with a gang, seeking to get another gang in trouble as far as I could tell.

I met with her at the Observers’ office, so she could tell me this bizarre story. She said she was near the Grind when she heard some screams. Now some would run, but this lady as a concerned citizen approached to see what was happening only to find a woman attacking another person near the garage. When she tried to offer some help, the woman bit her and that reader is at least true because I saw and took a picture of the bite mark.

Rejects Attempt to Advertise a New Drug?

There were also claims that another (or perhaps the same?) ‘zombie’ druggie tried to attack the police. I do not know why a gang affiliated member would approach the Observer to publish a story about this except to make it known within the community. This gang member is Rejects, and the member tried to frame Yuugen for this Zombie drug crime.

So be careful what you accept from either gang. I would say taking nothing from them is best, to be honest. Don’t do drugs you cannot read the chemical compenonets of is my general advice.

To Future Anonymous Tippers…

Next time, do not make it easy for me to be find you online and to discover your identity before trying to use the Observer as a platform to advertise your crimes. Better yet, do not attempt to use our newspaper for your nefarious purposes. This time I am not exposing the anonymous tipper by name, but know that I know you. (Got to love gang social media – Ed)

Stay Safe Hathian!

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