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The Hathian Observer interviewed DJ Guerra at the Observer’s Studio on the 23rd May 2024 where the DJ and his entourage setup their decks and got to mixing to demonstrate to the Observer their flow and sets. The Observer, always interested in new services listened to the set and brings you a few thoughts below.


Sporting a rather delectable accent, DJ Guerra presented an athletic figure as he prepared for his set and spoke to us.

Observer: “Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and why you’re in Hathian?”

DJ Guerra: “Well, firstly I want to say that I trust you, and I hope you can trust me and help me get my name out there. I don’t take face shots, without full makeup, but once I’ve got that on you can do your thing mami…”

Observer: “So, is mami a good word or a bad word? Sounds like it’s Latin American, do you have a bit of that in you? And no head shots without your ‘war paint’? Aren’t DJ’s meant to be seen, headphones and all Why are you in Hathian, what are you looking to do papi?”

DJ Guerra: “By the way, Mami, is a good word, but I guess its all about where you from no? Some people may think different. You date a Latino, you’re gonna love the words ‘mami’ and ‘papi’ right! Anyway, for now I just want to meet some cool people, and share some music. I know it’s inevitable, people are gonna see my face. However, it is better to market your product, with mystery, if your product sells or is a hit, then they are gonna want more. If there is mystery, it only adds to the character and makes the fans want more.

Observer: “Maybe you should wear one of those costumes, like the DJ with the marshmellow head and yes, if you are a mystery people want more… Who is the man behind the mask, what does he want… that kinda thing…”

DJ Guerra: “For you mami, a mask then. This will do just fine… watch, how do I look?”

Observer: “Great, now we’re cooking with gas and if you want a Deadmau5 head I might have one for you? So, have you played anywhere recently in Hathian?”

DJ Guerra: “I actually did an impromptu performance at the Prohibition, me and some drummer played an old Mexican song… what a day and I was on piano, not the decks, but trust me, I’m an all-rounder. State champ wrestler turned mma mami. I can roll around on a mat for days…”

The Observer would like to note that flirtatious DJs are welcome to advertise with us! We listened to his set and were impressed with the range of technical, acoustic and performance theatrics. So while this wasn’t quite the same as a booking at Sinners or the Hathian Museum & Galleries, it evidenced that if you book him, things might go very well (and probably flirtatiously).

DJ Guerra can be contacted at XXX-XXXX (( ムtяeуu (atreyuguerra) ))

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