New ‘Danger’ In Hathian? Nightmen…

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By: Zofia Lewandowska

While Daiyu was away, I went to the Observer office to work hard and met an interesting man. He told me he wanted to run an ad…

During our conversation, however, I realized that this will not be an advertisement but more of a personal dating kinda thing… It could also be a warning to Hathian residents. It kinda depends whether you take these groups that pop up as anything more than hot air or not…

The “NightMen”

This ad text was provided by leader of Nightmen, Fitz:

“What up? We’re two cool guys who are looking for other cool guys (and girls) who want to hang out in our party mansion. Nothing sexual (sometimes). Call for an interview to join our cool new group – The Nightmen”


Because of the nature of the ad, I decided to ask a little more:

Zofia “Can you tell us something about your group?”

Fitz: “We earn money by doping jobs aint even the Mexicans want ya know and we can’t give away the base… that’s like gangster 101… My name be Fitz and my brother is Black Fitz, cuz he’s black. Yeah we going to be the best gang ever…fuck the Boobs…Bones I mean and the Retards”

Please stay away from Nightmen and report anything suspicious to the police.

The Editor Notes: In the olden days, the Nightmen were the name given to people who had the job to dig out cesspits and latrines before running sewers. Their job was dirty and unclean and they were sometimes also called Gong Farmers… Just thought that was interesting aside – Daiyu

((OOC: If you are interested in joining this group please contact Wilbur Fitzgerald (IW) weaselcrust (Discord) or contact Draymond Fitzgerald (Robb217 Resident) (IW) Note: This is not an official Hathian Gang))

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