CU Volleyball – Hard Won Victory

To the last breath against the West Florida Argonauts... Trophy celebration to come.

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By: CU Sports Correspondent

28th April 2024

The Observers’ Columtreal coverage reaches a crescendo with the last match of the year with the Ball Busters. They’re at the finals for the cup and this reporter is here to cheer them on and hopefully see them lift the gold at the end of the day. The CU squad’s previous match report is HERE and you can search our archive for all the team’s previous games using keywords like ‘Volleyball’.

Pensacola, West Florida became the theater of the last Columtreal Ballbusters’ match of the season. It was a dramatic showdown between the two leading teams of 2024. Coming into the final and gaving a one game advantage, the Columtreal squad needed to land the win to cement their season winning victory while if they failed in the match they would have had to wait for the next Argonauts game in two weeks to see where the season victory would fall.

With such a highly anticipated showdown, the West Florida gym was filled with fans of both teams. The gym was standing room only, filled to the ceiling with screaming fans and it brought a 1st division atmosphere into a 2nd division game. In our view, the fans were not disappointed as the two teams clashed, giving it their everything!

While the Columtreal side took the first set, it seemed like the Florida squad got a good read on the Ballbuster’s tactics and took away the second set, only to follow with a crushing onslaught into the third, beating the Columtreal side by double points in the set.

Despite the game seemingly decided by then with Columtreal girls running out of breath under the pressure of the more experienced team, they came into the third with no broken resolve and while the Argonauts took an early lead they did not manage to keep it with the Ballbusters finally turning the score, tying up the sets and sending the game into a last deciding 5th set.

The fans turned the hall into a battlefield through drums and chants and as the two teams clashed for the last time, every ball was hard fought and no point was left unanswered. Through the sweat and tears, the Ballbusters team emerged victorious by two points in the end, sealing their seasonal dominance and proving that even the underdog can write a little bit of the history.

A post match party and celebration are being planned. Watch this space in the Observer for a recap and hopefully interview with the winning squad!

Set Results by Numbers

Set 1: 25-23

Set 2: 22-25

Set 3: 13-25

Set 4: 27-25

Set 5: 16-14

Final Conference Standings After Week 12

1Columtreal Ballbusters
2West Florida Argonauts
3Auburn Montgomery Warhawks
4Alabama Huntsville Chargers
5Lee Flames
Valdosta State Blazers
6West Georgia Wolves
Shorter Hawks
Montevallo Falcons
7Christian Brothers Bucs
8Mississippi Choctaws
West Alabama Tigers
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