Good Times Are Illegal In Hathian

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By: Carrie Day

Hathian seems to a be a place low on good times. Between gangs and corrupt police, seems we can hardly catch a break. Then news of a rave was heard on the streets and people were fairly excited, although word that it was being hosted by a local gang might give some pause. I, myself, was thrilled at the opportunity to dance and just have a good time. Alas, it was not to be so.

The scene was straight out of a movie. It was held in an underground parking garage and spirits were high, as everyone danced and enjoyed themselves. There was fog of some kind or another and coloured lights, just a cool scene that really had you ready to have fun! Unfortunately, HPD doesn’t apparently allow good times.

Shortly into the night, voices of loud speakers would be heard and not long after, tear gas was even sent down into the enclosed space before anyone had even realized they were ordered out. After that? It was total chaos. Chaos that even led to the death of one of the attendees and in my humble opinion, that death can be laid at the feet of the HPD.

Amidst all the shouting and chaos, a group worked desperately to get their wounded friend out and to medical care, but the HPD was only worried about busting up a good time and arresting as many as possible. It wasn’t until after they took the group down that they realized one was seriously injured, but it was too late. I can tell you now, it was a heart breaking scene as friends clung to their fallen friend even amongst the shouting and violence the HPD inflicted upon party goers.

I, for one, applaud The Rejects for trying to bring some good times and life into Hathian and could not be more sorry that the effort led to such a terrible ending. Perhaps, Hathian’s need a different type of enforcement and protection. After all, is a corrupt HPD any better than a lowly street gang? In reality, perhaps it’s the HPD that could more properly be disguised as a lowly, street gang.

(Editor’s note: I am not quite sure applauding the Rejects is something that should catch on. But hey, one good deed deserves another, so if the party was good, here is the review of it, unchanged…)

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