Cajun On Fire

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By: Katy Kantry

When people think of Louisiana cuisine, they immediately think of the undeniable flavor of down-home foods prepared with Cajun or Creole seasonings.  A unique blend of Southern and French flavors that are not found anywhere else in the world. What would Hathian be without its very own Cajun inspired cuisine? (Boring – Ed)

Tucked down Grand Massacre Street, is the newly opened restaurant, The Flaming Cajun.  Open only a few weeks, this restaurant is co-owned by Denise Russo and an unnamed investor and is the one and only Cajun restaurant currently in our city. 

Walking up to the restaurant, I was immediately hit with the smells of Old Bay and Garlic wafting out of the open doorway of the French Quarter style building.  Inside is everything you would expect from a Cajun restaurant; warm colored walls, tasteful sitting arrangement, and southern décor – all of which made for an inviting dining room and culinary experience.

Arriving after the dinner crowd on a Sunday night, I was seated immediately, by the owner Denise, at a comfortable booth by the windows.  I was delightfully surprised to find that the tables were kept clean and the silverware, I was given, shined so brightly I could see my reflection.  I ordered the daily special, Seafood Boil, along with their ‘legendary’ sweet tea, which the owner suggested herself.

My food arrived steaming hot and in one bite it was easy to tell it was as advertised, all the ingredients tasted fresh and I was assured were locally sourced. The vegetables were perfectly cooked, and the seafood was juicy and tender, especially the snow crab that was melt in your mouth delicious.  All of this was washed down with their delicious, sweet tea, which was just like this true southern likes their tea; sugar and more sugar with a dash of tea.

The Flaming Cajun was everything one would expect of authentic Cajun Cuisine and more.  This food lover is also happy to report, both Denise and her staff are very LGBTQ community friendly and they also offer a discount to first responders.  In a town full of a variety of different restaurants, it’s great to see one sticking to the roots of authentic Cajun cooking. They are really putting the fire back in Cajun here in Hathian!

Recommendations: Seaford Boil and Sweet Tea

Price: $

Stars: ****

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((The author is an IC player, but is using ICLY a pseudonym for their byline))

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