Nudism / Exhibitionism

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By: Lua Monet

Young people seem to be losing their respect for public places. This time a young man, possibly a student was spotted standing confidently near Hathian’s shore to show his muscles and taut and defined body, not caring that the weather still hadn’t turned to the typical Hathian warmth yet. His exhibitionist nature was clearly on display as anyone on the road or near the area could see him and the red headed woman.

“He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and revealed a sculpted chest that glistened in the sunlight! I was going to swoon! With a flourish, he threw the garment aside, revealing his perfectly toned abs and smooth, hairless torso!”

Citizen perving on the man from the sidewalk

Is Hathian becoming a place free for nudist people walk around the public places? Aren’t they worried about arrest, or about being seen? What about kids seeing them? Surely this is not the first time that something like this has happened. But the question is… what will be the city do about this situation? The people of Hattian deserve to have their public places respected and the law must be enforced!

Maybe Hathian needs to have a special nudist place? (It does in a way, there’s a nudist beach near CU – Ed) This is a question that the city should think about and have to answer soon. In the meantime, citizens must be aware of the situation and protect the innocence of their family.

– Lua

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