No Laughing Matter – Buddha Stolen From Museum

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The Hathian Museum & Galleries today reported that after reviewing CCTV footage it had identified a male running off with an artifact from the galleries.

A 911 call reported from the museum to Hathian PD wasn’t able to prevent the theft and the Museum Management are reported to be livid at their security guards who should have been able to prevent someone obviously bent on mischief from making off with an artifact.

The missing statue, weighing a good 30KG, was somehow taken by a man in a mask and other heavy clothing which disguised him even to the multiple security cameras, although sadly, as it was 6am, there were less staff on site than during the opening hours.

A spokeswoman for the museum suggested that changes were being made to security arrangements to further strengthen them and that anyone else who got funny ideas was going to find themselves in a display case, or at least pepper sprayed and held down until HPD arrived. Sadly, she added certain objects may have to be moved to within display cases rather than left to be closely admired by visitors.

“Karma is a bitch, hopefully Buddha will give to the thief an appropriate lesson.” Museum Spokeswoman

A reward of $500 has been offered for the return of the artifact, with an additional $1,000 for unmasking of the criminal with proof.

Anyone with information is asked to contact either CUPD or Daiyu Tang, editor of the Observer and museum representative.

The criminal left the image shown here on piece of paper at the scene.

With CUPD or possibly HPD on the case, this ‘Loki’ can hopefully be brought to justice.

((Museum has CCTV, Metal Detectors and Security Guards NPC + other appropriate staff for such a location – please contact Daiyu if damage / theft is planned there))

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