Gunfire During Sheriff Raid on Starlust

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Several shots were heard from the Starlust Motel on New Years Day after a raid by the Laveau Sheriff Department seemingly went south.

The motel, which is rumored to be the base of operations for the local Conejo cartel, was the target of a raid by the LSD in the early afternoon of January 1st. Details about the purpose of the operation are scarce, however a pair of suspects were arrested and several bags of evidence were transported from the scene.

A total of three gunshots were reported during the raid, and there are also rumors that there was chemical weapons used by the suspects. Details about the types of toxins used are not available, but a representative from the LSD assures that there is no danger to the public.

One of the suspects, identified as Erin Glacken, was treated at the scene, presumably for a gun shot wound, while one of the deputies, Gideon Bellic, was attended to by EMS for an unknown reason. The deputy was later transported to the Laveau Clinic and is presumed to make a full recovery.

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