Pharmacy Owner Emily Wood Kidnapped – Reward Offered

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Cover photo: John Childermass ((DarkStalker Darkfold))

Hathian; the happiest time of the year they tell us. But they don’t often like to talk about the impact of the crime epidemic on ordinary citizens.

Another day, another tragedy. Our reporter John Childermass was approached by the manager of the Hathian Pharmacy who alleged that the owner, Emily Wood was kidnapped by a man and woman dressed all in black.

CCTV from the store provided to our reporter shows a confused scene that is difficult to make out, but if you are able to identify the perpetrators by their shape, clothing or insignia please make your knowledge known to Nataly Blackwater, manager of the Pharmacy or Landon Fyre, HPD Lieutenant and trouble shooter.

The Observer also wishes to pass on thanks to Sati Diaz who we understand try and prevent the kidnapping. ((Photo: DarkStalker Darkfold))

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of Emily and arrest of her kidnappers.

Further photos of Emily and the Pharmacy can be found HERE if any resident needs a reminder.

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