Your Visit to Prohibition Has Been Prohibited

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Cover photo: John ((DarkStalker Darkfold))

Local, infamous ‘mastermind’ Zoey Elizabeth Adachi-Martiel was today counting the cost of a damaged business after some form of explosion in her business ‘Prohibition’ blew out the windows causing some interior damage and presumably a sticky floor that looked more Titty Twister than a respectable Jazz bar for a while.

The local owner has been involved in a Twitter feud with the Kogarashi who appear to have made it their business to frequent the establishment despite Zoey barring them from the venue.

Some might say that the antics between two groups who are known to have people, money and weapons behind them might not be good for Hathian, but when on the surface at least it contains some good trolling, many Hathian residents are undoubtedly sitting back with a drink (not at Prohibition) and wondering if the two having at each other might buy ordinary citizens a respite.

Trolling around with Zoey putting up a ‘bounty‘ on people in the photo. Image credit: The Pawn Shop Crew

HPD informed this reporter that they were still investigating the disturbance and the feud between the groups was “a tale as old as time”. However when speaking to another officer, safe with their donuts, they confided to us that “I’d say it’s just another day in Hathian. People here have a way of settling their differences in rather… explosive ways. It keeps us on our toes.” I suspect this officer was not often on their toes, but the thought stands.

When Prohibition reopens is unclear, the owner having this brief message to our editor: “Fuck Off Daiyu” precluding any attempts to get serious details of when patrons can return for easy drinking and jazz. As a venue, Prohibition has a lot going for it, so despite the mastermind having a bad day, the Observer does hope it reopens soon.

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