Bakery Vandalised – Pest Control Called

A case of Ratatouille for Berthier Bakery

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In a case of petty vandalism the Berthier St. Bakery was vandalised with black paint inside and out sometime on the 9th August 2023.

Our newspaper received a range of photos from the scene, although we understand they don’t do full justice to just how much black paint was left inside the premises. As far as we could tell any surface that had pink or bright joyful colours was rendered black. Now, many of our reporters do in fact like black, but we also like the sweet sugary goodness that the Bakery produced and under owner Lizette Doge (recently recognised in this newspaper for her bakery prowess) we could overlook the saccharine colour scheme due to the fantastic treats.

The question is though, did the the vandal (who we understand was caught on CCTV as well as leaving evidence) just paint, or did they also release what appears to be a wave of pests.

From Twitter

Our reporters don’t recall any pest issues in the bakery on their regular visits for coffee or pastries. Therefore we suggest (and Lizette on Twitter assets) that the vandal also unloaded a load of pests into the store in an attempt to have it shut down.

Vandalism of Hathian businesses is not great, no matter the owner’s allegiance. Most serve a useful market and if they are taken out of action it harms the town. After the recent loss of HGH, do we really need to resort to petty destruction? There’s a victim fund for those who might be suffering and even if you’re not eligible for that, do you really want to drag the town down?

The Observer trusts that Lizette will be taking appropriate steps to clean the bakery, throw out all spoiled food and knowing her, find the perpetrator. They left foot prints and apparently fingerprints, so I’d not be surprised if they are fingered pretty soon.

Lizette Responds:

Lizette: “I have always wanted a small business like my bakery for as long as I can remember. A place that resembles a grandmother’s kitchen with all the wondrous smells of fresh baked goods and appealing old-style decorations. A place where people can come and be reminded of times that are so precious from childhood. I’ve tried my best to recreate those things to bring light to a gloomy place. All the way down to playing music from the 40s and 50s! Children even come in for a free cupcake, cookie or cake pop.

My shop has always been and always will be a safe place people can come and order pastries for happy events like picnics, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and the list goes on and on. We maintain a very clean environment all over that shop.

I have an exterminator that comes in every month to make sure that shop is pest free, and we clean nonstop. During this latest clean-up effort, and with each time my shop is attacked, EVERYTHING is thrown away. All ingredients, and every pastry in that shop. I don’t trust vandals not to tamper with the food the stuffs while they commit their dirty deeds. So, while the cleaning service and the pest control do their jobs, I will be reordering the things we need to restock the bakery.

The shop will be closed for a few days until we have everything back in order. I think people who try to destroy a place that is there to try and bring a little joy to people are just plain evil. Or at the very least are highly damaged inside and should seek help.”

The Observer is very pleased to carry this comment to show how serious Lizette takes this issue.

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