DJ Poppy Rage spinning the decks at Euphoria's opening night

Euphoria Celebrates Pride

Celebrating Pride 2023

On the 17th of June 2023, a large crowd of Hathian citizens and people from the surrounding area descended to the Euphoria Nightclub in Delphine.

Euphoria were hosting their opening night and had heavily promoted the event on Twitter driving good engagement with not just the LGBTQIA+ community, but all Hathian citizens. These are the same citizens who are known to like a good opening bash, especially one that had bottomless rainbow shots included from handsome bar staff! (Looking at you here Sam, eying those shots – Daiyu)

Yuze, the barman standing at Nightclub Euphoria
One of Euphoria’s Bar Staff ((Yuze))

Hathian’s Growing Nightlife

The event filled up with the beautiful people of Hathian under the watchful eye of a packed set from DJ Bianca and DJ Poppy Rage who focused on dance, EDM, Pride Celebration and other popular music that really got the blood pumping (YMCA elicited such a shout!).

It was really a good mix and in my view (or rather hearing) it had to have been one of the best sets for a long time. With Cupid’s Arrow also hosting an opening event recently, it must be said that the nightlife scene in Hathian is going from strength to strength!

Sam Warrhol-Kelly ad Oba share a look and dance

You Hear All Sorts – Not Just Music

Across the dance floor, couples were having fun, enjoying the atmosphere surrounded by plants and greenery which is unique in Hathian venues as far as we know. The Observer saw many couples including Jack and Oba (from the Hathian Eagle), Mark and Tala (from the Hathian theatre) and then plenty of famous (or infamous) faces such as Sam partying the night away.

“And you? Low self esteem? What for!? Look at you absolute BOMBSHELL! Isn’t that right Corbin? Isn’t Why the perfect MILF? GIVE A CHEER IF YOU’D BANG MY FRIEND WHY THE MILF!”

Valentia heard talking with Corbin about Why Verdandi

Obviously, loud music makes it hard to overhear private conversations, but from time to time as I mingled and worked the crowd’s photographs a few choice snippets popped up. This one from Val was definitely loud. What do you think readers? Is she right? Answers on a postcard to HCS!

Why Verdandi partying at Euphoria
We’re only Human…

In addition couples had formed, or were forming with Xu Siha seen in the arms of a handsome chap (see gallery below).

Onwards And Upwards

We at the Observer can’t wait until the next Euphoria event where hopefully the same talent will be on the decks and the same, bright, safe and yet unique event space is transformed into another party for the town. Until then, Hathian you’re spoilt with choice; have fun… and party responsibly!

Our Gallery

((Full size photos and more available on Twitter thread HERE))

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