Judgment Day Is Here! And You’re To Blame!

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by Cadence St. Clare

Are Hathians paying the ultimate price for their sins? You know I have been writing to you in your homes for quite some time, literally begging many of our readers, to stand up and BE the change. I have warned that if EVERYONE decides to be…”BAD”…then what type of community are we building here? This should be common sense, but many don’t have it. Recently the city has been plagued with bombs…with the Observer and the Pawn Shop being the most recent victims! Actually, the city has been plagued with bombs, missing girls, and suicide!

It’s you the people. Your fault. This is God reigning his judgment upon this City for it’s failure to “blaze a trail,” and it’s willingness to go along in order to get along. We need for people to stand up and just decide to be DIFFERENT. Instead of allowing gangs to form…you form a gang yourself…a moral one. A Morality Club. Gain members, hold protests against gang violence and corruption. Be the change!

But what seems to be happening is everyone is taking the “easy” way out and opting to be the “criminal”. It’s such a “follower” community. It’s such a “hive” mind. No one wants to be different? No one wants to be good and wholesome? Why is that uncool? I mean on a common sense level…EVERYONE can’t be the villain!

It’s like I told a friend about gay men. The whole point of being gay is so you can sleep with men. But all the gay men wanna be women. That defeats the purpose of being a gay man, doesn’t it? The bottom line is…everybody can’t be “THE GIRL”. If everyone is “fish” or “The girl” whose gonna be the boys?! Who is going to be the boys that gay men were attracted to in the first place? I mean and people literally get fighting mad at me for pointing out these flaws in their system!

And it’s the same line of thought with Hathian. If everyone is a criminal…the cops…the gangs…the Hospital…well who is gonna be the hero or good guy to come in and undo what the bad guys have done? How is it I am the only one who can see this? A society like that can’t stand. Because there is no one good to undo what the evil do’ers have done. And if there is no one to undo even a small portion of it…then the Community is constantly on a decline instead of being picked up!

You might think it’s cool to be edgy…a Satan Worshiper or a criminal…some sort of degenerate…but if EVERYONE is doing it…it’s not cool…its regular. What makes cool…cool…is the fact that you’re the only one doing it. You stand out! But if you’re doing what everyone else is…you’re not cool. You blend in as one of the sheep or worker bees. It’s basic…it’s boring…it’s unoriginal. Seen it…done it…whatever.

It’s sad that there is so much room…a ton of room, and in a world where people can be anything they want…they all are choosing to…BE LIKE EACH OTHER!

The Guy with his Satan tattoos…cause you know…no one has ever worshiped Satan openly before (Sarcasm…Enter Anton Lavey). He’s so new and so deep! So much edge!

The gay guy with makeup and heels! Ugh! So original! Cause no one has ever seen a gay man in heels before who embraces being feminine! (Enter Rupaul).

The crazy dark girl who enjoys violence and is so dark and twisted that she goes overboard with violence if someone so much as looks at her wrong! (Enter every woman from the Kill Bill movie).

The Cops who don’t talk to the press and have major cover-ups in their department (Enter LITERALLY every Police Station in the US)

Where is the boy working the Pizza counter to provide help for his girlfriend so she doesn’t have to keep that stripping job thats putting a strain on their relationship? Where is the Cop who is married with kids…and everyday he steps out of his home his wife is cringing because she doesn’t know if this is her last time seeing him?

Where is the parole Officer checking up on the Criminal who was released and making sure they are where they’re supposed to be and giving them urine tests? Wheres the nerd who…is just a nerd…and so he decides to buy an arcade shop?

Where is the geek who works at the movie store and has been trying to work up the nerve to ask that really pretty girl out every time she comes in? But can’t bring himself to do it.

Where is the football jock who is Captain of the team? A bros bro! Wanting to make it to the NFL but carrying a dark secret…that maybe he’s having a secret liaison with an openly gay guy.

Where is the Civil Rights Leader? Fighting for people of color in Hathian?

Where is the woman leading a “Relief Plan Organization” to help the community when chaos erupts and bombs go off? Organizing her group to bring aid, and relief to a community in need?

You know where they are? All doing the same thing as someone else. Being criminals…devil worshipers…prostitutes…sex addicts…instead of ACTUAL CITIZENS! It’s basic…tired…cheap…and this reporter IS OVER IT!!! But Judgment Day…is here.

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