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Mina Lopez Obituary

It is with sadness that the Observer publishes this obituary of Hathian resident Mina Lopez who died on the 11th October 2022 aged 23.

Mina, who also went by the name Maddy which may also have been an alias itself was found dead in an apparent murder in Devil’s Pocket, Hathian, although some contributors to her memory have alleged it was a suicide.

Mina worked in a range of stores within Hathian, including Chartbusters, Rader Records and from time to time appeared in Columtreal University as a student.

The Observer wishes to pass on our condolences to her surviving family, if they read this, as well as her friends in the city. She was reported to associate with Jackson Voss from the DoMC as well as Joshua Kaufman from HPD.

HPD writes:

On behalf of the HPD, I can assure you we are exercising all of our resources to make sure there is justice brought to this case. We do have a known suspect, and lead. And we will are currently following that. Any other tips from the public are greatly appreciated, but again, there is a known suspect. And there is a murderer out on the streets.

Tributes from Hathian Residents:

Kaufman writes:

Mina was one of the few people in Hathian I could trust. And if anyone should remember her, that should be what they think of. She was loyal, probably to a fault. And an amazing person. She didn’t get handed a good hand while she was here, and that should be a message to the people of Hathian. There are bigger things to life.

Tara writes:

I met Mina earlier this year, when I first landed in Hathian. She was a bright, friendly soul when I met her. Quick to smile and didn’t take life all that serious. But, as time wore on, Mina got mixed up with some folks that would change the course of her life. She and I worked together on several things that benefited both of our agendas…until that fateful day on the dock when she put a bullet in my leg…for cocaine. I knew then, that she was in over her head and it was a downward spiral from there. I assisted where and when I could, but her associations prevented me, much of the time from being able to make a difference. The bond never ceased to exist between us, even with all of those people in the way and to learn that she took her own life, kills a little part of me. This city takes some of the best of us. Mina was one of those and she is sorely missed.

Xena writes:

You were an angel. Thank you for saving my life. I love you now and forever Mina.

Daiyu writes:

I met Mina in class and then later in a few strange and odd circumstances. There was one time she came into Gein with Tara and I ended up having to pepper spray the room as she seemed to be looking for something and also tried to attack the HPD officer I was with who was treating a stab wound from Endy Fabers… She was complicated, but also friendly in class and it’s a sad state of affairs that she has passed.

I hope all our readers stay safe and remember the shortness of life and how it should be protected.


Mina and Fried in July 2022

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