OPINION: LGBTQIA+ Really?! We’re Over It!

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by Cadence St. Clare

Editor’s note: The following opinion does not reflect the the views of the Hathian Observer and its Editorial Board.

I took a trip to the diner a few days ago because I was hoping to get a burger and fries. And yes yes I know it’s fattening and will go straight to my hips, but I needed the taste of grease and meat! So anyway, I go to my favorite spot which is Seans Diner not too far from the College Campus. It sits just in front of the motel. My Husband and I are heading in and posted right on the entrance door is a rainbow flag. My kids look up at me with innocent eyes and want to know why it’s there. Well instantly I am angry because how do I explain this to my children who are way too young for me to explain anything about sex? More annoying than the fact that they have taken a symbol of God’s promise for their own sexual agenda is the dog on acronym! Apparently, Filth Fighters, our Country has become so sensitive that the gay community can’t leave anyone out or their feelings will be hurt! Therefore, in an attempt to be all inclusive, they are sieging the entire alphabet the same way they have seized the rainbow which was a Christian symbol. First let me explain what an acronym is and why it’s used. An Acronym is an abbreviation and the purpose it serves, is to make things EASIER…NOT MORE CONFUSING! Its purpose is to cut down time…not elongate time and speech. For example, instead of me saying: Hathian General Hospital…the acronym would be HGH. Right? To save time! But now it actually takes us longer to describe the gay community because God forbid, we should leave anyone out. It used to be LGB. Then everyone started crying and now its LGBTIABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP….you get the point! It’s gotten so ridiculous and annoying because overusing acronyms only confuses people more! Disagree? Alright FF’s back to the diner. So, when my kids asked me the question about the flag, I was so nervous all I could do was LOL. Because OMG you guys how was I gonna answer my kids ASAP. I needed a solution PDQ. And my poor husband was all WTF while the kids were ROTFLMAO. BTW even though you’re reading this IRL and are all SMH over this BS or probably saying Cadence it’s NOYB…IMO I had to speak on it. Catch my drift? IDK..anyway BBS and TTYL…O.k.?

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