Hathian’s Finest: Mario Rosio

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by Cadence St Clare

The Hathian Police Department unfortunately take a lot of heat and get a bad rep. All too often it seems that perhaps the actions of a few reflect the over-all majority of the amazing men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting.

Therefore, I wanted to highlight members of the HPD, bringing them directly into the homes of our readers to show, that they are just like us. Human, vulnerable, and perhaps, a bit misunderstood, in this segment that I call “Hathian’s Finest!”

I met Officer Rosio on a rainy Sunday inside the Police department. He was sitting behind the front desk, bright eyed and bushy tailed. He was very stand-offish upon our first meeting, and I was nervous that the interview wouldn’t happen. However, he obliged, and this is simply a mere glimpse, into one of Hathian’s finest.

Cadence St Clare: What’s your name?

Officer Mario Rosio: “My name is Mario Rosio”….”Just letting you know I am also recording this conversation.”

Cadence St Clare: What’s your favorite food?

Officer Mario Rosio: Hmm, grilled salmon, in a lemon butter sauce over fettuccine pasta.

Cadence St Clare: That sounds good. How long have you been a Police officer and what made you want to become a Police Officer?

Officer Mario Rosia: Um…probably a few weeks, 2-3 maybe, and my brother suggested it so I figured I would try it, he always said I was goodnatured.

Cadence St Clare: Do you feel that you as a Police Officer…are misunderstood?

Officer Mario Rosio: Hmm, possibly, police haven’t been popular the past few years so it’s just a stigma that comes with the uniform.

Cadence St Clare: What would you say is the biggest misconception people have about you or officers in general?

Officer Mario Rosio: Hmm I would say that the biggest misconception is that we smell like bacon, especially when people see us and shout, they smell it

Cadence St Clare: Um…ok. The next question I may have to explain. Do you feel you disappear behind your badge?

Officer Mario Rosio: Hmm yeah, I would think most just see us with the badge, but I have met a few who see me, and not just my badge so it varies.

Cadence St Clare: If you weren’t a cop…what would you be doing?

Officer Mario Rosio: Maybe a mechanic, maybe I would grow pumpkins, or maybe I would just do odd jobs, not really sure but something to get by and enjoy life as well.

Cadence St Clare: What’s the one thing you’d like for people to know about you? Or take away from this interview?

Officer Mario Rosio: Well, if there’s something to take away it’s that, while the HPD might get a bad rap, they are doing their job to keep order in the city, and it is filled with interesting people.

Words that are indeed well spoken. I’d like to thank Officer Rosio for the interview, and I would also like to thank the Hathian Police Department, for all they do to keep us safe!

Note: If you’re a Police Officer, and don’t mind being placed in the hot seat, contact Cadence St Clare at the Observer.

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