GBTL x Mayor Bobby Boxer – ‘My Platform Stands for HPD Reform’

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by Girl Behind the Lens – Daiyu Tang

Readers, you may remember the live reporting by our very own Lumi and I around the recent ‘Defund the Police’ riots. This explosion of apparently spontaneous protest was supplemented by interview polling by the Observer where 65% of Hathian residents feel under threat by the police. While our team did witness provocative behaviour on the part of some protesters, the violent response of the HPD builds on a continuing theme, one of a City where the Police are a law unto themselves and where any spell in their custody is a recipe for abuse rather than rehabilitation or restorative justice.

The Mayor of Hathian, Bobby Boxer, has granted the Observer this exclusive interview, outlining his thoughts on the street violence and also the lack of faith citizens of the city have with the HPD.

GBTL: Today with me is our Mayor, Bobby Boxer, who wanted take the chance to speak to the people due to the recent violence in the follow-up of the so called ‘Defund the Police’ protests. Mayor Boxer, what were your thoughts reading the paper and media recently?

Mayor Bobby: Honestly, I was shocked seeing the violence and the heavy handed tactics used by uniformed people who were hired to fight crime and build a secure and just society. Not subdue the democratic rights of our people. Yes, democratic rights, such as we make use of in the upcoming election, are the backbone of my, I mean our city!

GBTL: But hasn’t the HPD not been pushed to react violently but not so peaceful protesters, for example using molotov cocktails?

Mayor Bobby: We need to understand the frustration of the voters, I mean what is a little burning car compared to our democratic rights and liberty? We cannot and must not allow those rights to get stomped by combat boots and batons. Also those stories I read in the paper about peopleĀ“s jail experience are simply sickening!

GBTL: Stories that some, might say are fact. So may I take it that you support the protesters and as Mayor of Hathian, what will be your actions to get the HPD to fall into line with your vision for them?

Mayor Bobby: I vow to the people of Hathian to open a line of communication to alleviate this with HPD’s command staff and see if we can sort this with the current ones or if I might have to replace some heads there!

GBTL: Mayor, strong words that I’m sure a vast majority of Hathian would like you to accomplish. Thank you for speaking to your people. Any last words for us?

Mayor Bobby: Vote wise and cocksure, vote Bobby Boxer!

Readers, I hope the words of the Mayor interest you and although, the refrain has perhaps been heard before, maybe an elected leader, understanding the mandate the grievances of the majority of his electorate have, has the mandate to deliver on these words? Have your say in our comments section!

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