Raider and Weymann Bang Bride, Groom, and Guests

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A wedding 30 minutes outside of Hathian turns bloody after two gunmen open fire.

On November 8th Saint and Adeline Desmond exchange their vows in the company of friends. Just after the bride and groom cut the cake and call for alcohol, guests identify Tahoma Raider and Loz Weymann entering the wedding tent. The two open fire.

One guest presumes Raider may have been under the influence of drugs at the time of the assault.

“That the man wasn’t himself,” claims wedding guest Nikolas Mulcahy. “I’ve seen him on many a drug before and he looked as if he may have taken them all at once. Such a stranger to me in that moment that he could have well been wearing the face of another man.”

Raider fires upon Saint, hitting him in the neck and damaging his spine. Adeline is shot in the head by Weymann. The two assailants then open fire upon guests; three receive injuries.

“They burst in firing at everyone,” says Katie Ella, “Nik took so many bullets and saved my life. Literally my hero. When I saw Ade and Saint, I thought they were dead. It was a bloodbath.”

Weymann and Raider then flee together on a single motorcycle. The two go missing over the Amazon rainforest after their plane disappears from radar on November 9th.

Saint, Adeline, and injured guests obtain treatment at Hathian General Hospital. Saint undergoes surgery to repair spinal damage and is recovering well. Adeline awoke from a coma and suffers memory loss.

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