Burning Sensation Threatens Red Light District

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Smoke in the Red Light District alerts locals to a fire.

At approximately 1:00 PM on November 11th, Hathian Fire Department dispatch receives a call of a burning building located behind the Rub n Tug on Bourbon St. Fire officials immediately disperse to put out the flames.

The building, recently constructed and empty, is partially engulfed by flames when firefighters approach. After stepping out of the truck, the hose and crew spring into action. 

“Water ready! Be safe!” shouts a firefighter before water streams to dampen the blaze.

As firefighters enter the building a load crack sounds from above. Two hose operators jump back, narrowly missing debris collapsing from the ceiling.

After fires die down, officials ventilate the building and prod for hot spots. They find no further danger.

Investigations are underway to uncover the cause of the fire.

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