Graveyard Foes Swap Loads

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A gunfight at the corner of Hangmans Pass and King leaves several injured.

On November 11th at approximately 6:30 PM, gunfire draws locals to investigate the scene of a fight.  They watch from sidewalk corners as attackers hunt each other down.

“Run little rabbits, run,” teases a gunman while firing upon a fleeing woman as she drags away a wounded pedestrian. Shots serve as a warning and miss.

A rustling of leaves from the cemetery draws the attention of an armed female. She raises her pistol and crawls over the low wall in search of who may hiding. A man appears from the brush and she fires, striking him in the hip. He falls in sputtering agony.

Another shot fires, this time striking the man who calls for rabbits to run. Blood gushes from his green designer pants and he plummets to sit upon the ground. An accomplice rushes to his aid and calls for others to keep their distance.

Several participants of the fight flee the scene, but those that remain stay to triage their wounds. Suggestions to travel to Hathian General Hospital spread among them.

From the down the street rolls a booming pink GMC Yukon belonging to local celebrity David Pink. He pops open the back hatch of his vehicle and offers his trunk for transport. He warns everyone not to get blood on his seats.

The Hathian Police Department was not called on scene.

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