Disease Outbreak Threatens Hathian

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From the Associated Press.

(Hathian, LA) The Hathian General Hospital is tracking what could be a deadly new strain of the flu, or perhaps Louisiana’s first case of the virus which is capturing the lungs and imaginations of people around the world.

The Louisiana State Public Health Laboratory is evaluating a sample from a deceased male who was brought to Hathian General Hospital late Saturday evening. A Hathian General Hospital spokesperson said that the man brought himself to the hospital early last week with a severe fever and headache, but checked himself out against medical advice later in the week, before becoming deceased this weekend. He was not hospitalized at the time of death.

James Matfield, Hathian General Hospital’s administrator, says that although the virus is so far unidentified, there is no reason to be alarmed, and that the risk to the public remains low.

Emphasizing the need for Hathianites to continue to take measures to protect themselves, Matfield said, “We at the Hathian General Hospital are hard at work trying to understand the nature of what we are dealing with. I do not believe there is cause for panic as Hathian General Hospital is well equipped to handle situations just like this. Please continue to seek news from reliable sources, such as Hathian General Hospital, addressing this issue.”

A source, who spoke is close to the investigation and spoke about this issue on condition of anonymity, said that the dead man was likely coughing up blood in the days prior to his death, and that the fever “basically boiled his brain.” The source went on to say, “the fact that we don’t have any idea what this is is or how contagious it is, is very scary. Everybody should be scared because this is the kind of thing that you read about it in post-apoc books.”

Another source the Observer spoke to, also speaking on the condition of anonymity and who sat in on the autopsy, said that the man had been coughing heavily before his death, and had been coughing up blood – a symptom that is particularly concerning as it’s most commonly associated with illnesses such as tuberculosis.

The Hathian General Hospital wants to reiterate that people should do what they would usually do during the flu season, as the same actions will help protect them from this mystery illness as well – wash hands after being in public and before eating, stop yourself from getting too close to people, wear a mask when caring for sick friends and family, and get your flu shot.

The Louisiana State Public Health Laboratory did not respond for a request for comment.

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