Officers Pegged in Pig Pen

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An anonymous tip results in the discovery of two missing Hathian Police Officers.

At 10:00 PM on January 28th, the Hathian Observer receives a phone call.

“I got a story for you,” the caller says, “go to the apartments off Hathian Highway behind the Daily Grind. You will find one.”

Hathian Observer reporter Ridley and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Welders team up to explore the location. The two discover ground entrances of the derelict apartment are sealed, but a fire escape provides entry to a single third story room.

Within the space are two bean bag seats, a rope bound chair, a table with cutting instruments on display, and an iron cage spanning from floor to ceiling. The cage holds two prisoners.

Photo credit: Ridley (sweetgumball)

Both prisoners are nude, except for the mechanical collars around their necks and pig costume accessories: noses, ears, and tails. They writhe on the floor in a delirious state. Dryly they mouth words, but find they are unable to speak. 

Photo credit: Ridley (sweetgumball)

Welders places a call to 911 informing dispatchers of the discovery. Emergency vehicles and police arrive minutes later. Paramedics and police escort the two victims to Hathian General Hospital. 

Identity of the tipster remains unknown.


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