Ascension To Success!

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As the sun set in the West, the city was abuzz with activity, whether the eager crowd that was lining up at large metal doors or high-stressed nervous employees waiting to open those doors. In either case, Club Ascension’s grand opening sizzled with energy.

The bouncer at the door kept a tight reign on keeping the riff-raff from entering, but once inside, it was like reaching the Emerald City. Your journey is over, and you’ve made it to where dreams become reality! For some, that is more literal than others as this club isn’t just any club, but it’s a club for the local artists to be discovered.

Rize Productions put on one hell of a show as people packed their way into Club Ascension’s opening night. A lit dance floor was complimented by a laser show, and halogens set up all around the building. The music pumped through speakers mounted all around so that it wasn’t missed no matter where you stood. Though, not much standing around happened. Everyone on their feet was moving to the rhythm of the music being pumped out by DJ Hobo. Only those at line for the bar were remotely stationary and a flock of employees made sure none waited long for their refreshments.


The VIP lounge, cordoned off by a red velvet rope, was closely monitored by bouncers to prevent anyone that was not a ticket holder from entering. This lounge is a coveted place for Rize talent to relax and enjoy drinks, as well as anyone who picks up a VIP pass prior to the event. Several were purchased prior to the Grand Opening, and some were even handed out at the doors before they opened to the public. During live concerts, the VIP lounge affords an unparalleled view of the stage. I’ll be looking for mine when my favorite performers are gearing up for a show!

The energy pumped the whole night long as revelers had long awaited a way to shake away their stress and worries. This place, this club, the music, the atmosphere, the beat, the lights, the crowd, all of it was just what the doctor ordered. Hell, even the doctor was there too! Without a doubt, the Grand Opening of Club Ascension was an unbridled success and I, personally, am looking forward to the next event with baited breath!

Article By:  Melody Reynolds

Rize Productions

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