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Today, I want to talk about everyone’s favorite household item: Duct Tape.

Admit it, Redneck or not, you have owned a roll of this at least once in your life. If you haven’t, then you best get on down to the store and stock up. I know I got a good stash inside my trailer right now. This item should be on everyone’s survival guide. I could spend months making a list of everything you can use this for but, I will list my favorites in this article:

  1. Start a fire: Loosely wad up an orange size ball of duct tape and light it with a match. You’ll have yourself a great little fire starter and it keeps you from wasting time rounding up all the kindling when you need to start a fire.
  2. Emergency splints: Duct tape along with popsicle sticks, plastic spent shotgun shells or an empty pop bottle can be used to fashion a splint for fingers or wrists.
  3. Protection: Ticks and chiggers just love to crawl up your pants legs. Keep them out by tightly taping the cuff of your pant legs around your ankles or boots.
  4. Insect Removal: If you didn’t do number 3 like I told you no worries; there is always using the duct tape to pull those little blood suckers off you. Just remember to be prepared to lose some hair as collateral damage in the process.
  5. Make a bowl: Wrap a layer of duct tape around your knee to fashion a make shift bowl. Remove it and then add a second layer to the inside. If done properly you can fill it up with anything.\
  6. Cover Blisters: Wore the wrong boots hunting and now you got a pesky blister on your heel. Fear not. Just pull out the duct tape and cover it up. If you’re lucky, you will do this before the blister forms and save yourself some pain later.
  7. Butterfly Sutures: Cut yourself a little deep trying to skin that critter. Never fear. Use pieces of duct tape to butterfly suture that cut back together. Cut a strip of tape about 1 inch by 2 inches. Cut a flap into each long side, and fold the flaps in to create a elongated H. You will be glad you did.
  8. Fix clothing: A day in the woods and you snagged your favorite shirt or pair of jeans and ripped a hole in it? No worries once again, duct tape to the rescue. Just patch it back together and create a new fashion statement.


Well I hope y’all found some good information in this article. If you have anything you would like me to cover feel free to let me know. You can contact me on Twitter,  and I’ll be sure and keep your name out of anything.

Want some love advice? I got plenty of that to give out too.

Until next time remember:

In the words of the Great Jeff Foxworthy…. If you have ever used duct tape to repair dental work… You Might Be a Redneck!

Hathian Redneck

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