New arrest made in charity fraud case

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A woman arrested early Thursday morning is suspected to be the true mastermind behind Hathians recent charity scandal

Dove Crow, pictured centre with fiancee Deklan Ravenheart at local event in Hathian, Crow is known for connections to OSMC,  gang activity with Revenants & Rejects and former notorious crime family ‘The Crows’   


  • Dove Crow named as the lead suspect in charity fraud case
  • Adeline Zero released from all charges
  • $242,000 still unaccounted for

A fresh arrest was made early this morning in connection with the recent scam known as “Hathian Blue” a charity set up in support of the Hathian Police Department which effectively milked Hathian, New York and New Orleans residents by selling them overpriced tickets to a charity ball whilst simultaneous skimming their credit card details.

The ring based out of California was unaware their actions were illegal, Crow is accused of setting up an elaborate scapegoat plan with Adeline 乙єяσ framed for the charity fraud and local officer Lincoln Vlodovic (now missing)

Gael 乙єяσ arresting officer took Crow into custody after a month long investigation with his team consisting of Lyssandra Ritter & Rhys ‘Trevor’ Pentewyn.  

A trial date has yet to be set.


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