HPD Investigate Break In

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Hathian Police Department are investigating a break at a home in the Batterie district of Hathian this past Saturday afternoon.  This break in occurred around mid-afternoon, the thief/thieves gained access to the home by breaking a kitchen window,  smashing up the kitchen in the process as they looked for anything of valuable.  However, the scariest part of the story is the fact that the resident was still at home at the time and did not hear them till they had left the property making this crime all the more brazen.

Officers from Hathian Police Department are warning the public to be vigilant and to ensure their homes are fully secured, also it is requested they be on the look out of any suspicious individuals that seem out of place hanging around their neighbourhood and report anyone suspicious to HPD.  The thief/thieves mad off with some money and valuables.

If you have any information about this crime you can contact the Hathian Police Department directly at Hathian 555-0911 to speak confidentially to a member of the police department.


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