President of motorcycle club arrested in FBI sting

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The president of the Orcus Samedi biker gang was arrested in Califonia on Sunday following months of FBI investigations

Deklan Ravenheart, Hathian, is due to be sentenced in federal court in Sacramento in coming weeks for his involvement in building a human trafficking, violent racketeering and drug trafficking enterprise. The 30-year-old leader of the Orcus Samedi Motorcycle Organization is expected to face a lengthy trial.

Ravenheart (pictured) was a known figure to the Hathian community and held prominent business dealings in local fetish club known as ‘The G Spot’ and several apartments blocks, theof which have been seized by the bureau upon his investigation, giving tenants only 30 days to vacate. 

Officers seized a number of items, including vests, clothing and related gear; documents allegedly supporting involvement in a criminal organization; a small quantity of cocaine; cellphones; clothing “worn during the commission of offenses” and a motorcycle. 

The arrest came from a long term investigation into a Twitter website known as “The Underground” where people were allegedly kidnapped, raped & sold.  This led to federal investigators to Hathian for over eight months to complete their investigation; whilst the Hathian Police Department was unable to find leads, agents from the FBI pieced together evidence to suggest Ravenheart heavily was involved in this syndicate.

Ravenheart will be in remand until his trial date in March


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