Local Motorcycle Gang on the Move

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The Hathian Police Department may very well have their hands full in the near future with the notorious biker gang calling themselves the Orcus Samedi Motorcycle Club. A credible source came forward to the Hathian Observer on May 19th, 2018 about the OSMC stating that ammunition and a significant amount of cash will soon be on the move through various trucks to no less than two locations within the Hathian City limits.

Reporter: “Thank you for stepping forward on what might be a potential citywide altering event.”

Prospect: “Yeah, no problem. These [explicative] have it coming.”

Reporter: “You had earlier stated that the biker gang will be moving supplies? What sort of supplies and when is this to be expected?”

Prospect: “They gonna be moving through a few crates. Some of them will be filled with M1911s, Glocks, a few revolvers. Got ammo being moved with that [explicative] too. Mostly 9-millimeter cals but some 38s as well. Plus cash but I don’t know how much.”

Reporter: “When is this move taking place?”

Prospect: “The 26th. Got a truck taking off in the morning, another in the afternoon, and the last at night.”

Reporter: “The 26th, you mean of May in one week?”

Prospect: “Yeah.”

Reporter: “I see. Do you know where these trucks will be starting and where they plan to end up?”

Prospect: “I’m just a [explicative] prospect. They don’t tell me all the details. All I know for sure is they are gonna be taking those trucks through Batterie Beach, Hathian Highway, and Rougarou. The only reason I even know that is because they wanted more hands on deck to protect the rides.”

Reporter: “Why three different deliveries?”

Prospect: “It lowers the chance of all three being hit and it looks a lot less obvious when you only got one truck coming through and not three following each other.”

Reporter: “What do these trucks look like?”

Prospect: “Moving vans, Postal vans, how the [explicative] should I know? They change that [explicative] up all the time.”

Reporter: “Is it safe to say that those in the vans will be armed and in numbers then?”

Prospect: “You stupid or some [explicative]? Yeah, they are gonna be armed and in numbers.”

Reporter: “Why come forth with this information if you are attempting to prospect into the gang?”

Prospect: “That’s my business. Just trust me, they got this coming to them.”

Reporter: “Thank you for your time.”

Prospect: “Yeah, whatever.”


Hopefully, the Hathian Police Department has enough time to gather a force and take to the streets to stop this movement of arms and potentially significant amount of money. Stay clear of the streets on the 26th and if you see any vehicles fitting the description as given above call 911 immediately.

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