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Are you stuck in a dining rut? When asked, “What’s for dinner?” do the options of pizza, chicken, burgers and fries bring a nauseating sense of repetition? Dread not the same old sources of your next meal, for Hathian has a hidden gem of variety hiding in the Black Bottom district.

The Bleu Wag Bistro, located just west of Columtreal University in a mix of campus dorms, offers a unique experience of French cuisine. Whatever the time of day, the bistro is ready to serve.

Breakfast at the bistro is highly affordable with the average cost of meals one of the lowest in town. The price of lunch is about on average as to what one would find elsewhere in Hathian. Dinner however may be one of the most expensive meals around, but only by a couple of dollars.

Long years of experience among kitchen staff ensure quality and taste. Gilles, the head chef, has spent forty years working behind a stove. Despite a lack of formal training, he is a master of the art of French cuisine. Proprietor Alexandra Markus lends a hand in the kitchen as well, particularly when it comes to baked goods. Her Berthier St. Bakery background shines through the dessert menu.

Markus is just as busy in the back of the house as she is in the front. She fills in as hostess, waitress, and baker due to a shortage of staff. The Bleu Wag is hiring in all positions: waiters, bussers, and cooks. Applicants should be enthusiastic and willing to work a shift or two every week.

With the ongoing holiday season, new workers are needed to help with upcoming events. Later this month, Markus plans to hold a cocktail party with light finger foods, drinks, and music. She also has an event planned for warmer weather, but for now her lips are sealed. Markus is open to hosting university events as well. Columtreal clubs, sororities, and fraternities are invited to make use of the space.

Loads of potential and opportunity await for diners and event hosts at the Bleu Wag Bistro. Don’t wait! Table space is limited, but the floor is open. Walk in today and grab a seat while they last!

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