Opinion: Will anyone step forward?

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By: Michiaki Yamaguchi, Youth Reporter Photo
Hathian Squad car police chase in the city.

I come to you today not as a journalist, but as a citizen of Hathian, not just a Citizen but one of the many that has been a victim of crime and seemingly has been unable to gain any measure of closure in their case. I write this as I sit in Hathian General Hospital being treated well by the over worked and under paid hospital staff. Their tireless work seems to go unnoticed as they toil away looking after the sick and injured, and with the increasingly violent crime rate and lack of reliable and honest law enforcement to crack down on this epidemic of crime, it is ultimately the medics that are being dealt the shitty end of the stick working long hours.

My attacker called herself “Delphine Marie Laveau-Matfield, Queen of Snakes, Baroness of Aryshire, and owner of the Chateau de Lieu de Paix” (although I prefer to call her that nutty bitch that attacked me for no damn reason) and if that seems a mouthful then it will come as no disguise that this deluded cow actually had the heirs and graces of the Queen Of England while having a thick accent from the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou.  My crime was simply simply to not kiss the ring on the end of the woman’s finger when she extended her arm for me to do so,  dealing with demented bag ladies does not usually come with this amount of danger but apparently this stupid deluded fool though I had slighted her somehow and attacked me leaving me with injuries to my nose.

I wish it was the old West and I could put a ‘Dead or Alive, preferably dead” bounty on this… this woman but unfortunately we live in more civilized times (supposedly) so all I can ask it that if there are any cops that actually do their job they arrest this mad bitch before she injures someone else who like myself was just trying to be polite to them.

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