Zoo at Lou’s

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My name is Kate Coletti. Many of you will recognize my last name, or maybe even me if I’ve outlived my brothers’ legacies at the Hathian Police Department and my sister’s at the Hathian General Hospital, and HPD. I myself am a paramedic working for the Fire Department of Hathian, and am thrilled to be back home after a hiatus the last few months again. My partner is an ATC with the US Navy so things have been crazy with him settling in there, but now we have settled on a ranch between New Orleans and Hathian and couldn’t be happier.

The purpose of this series, “The Life of a Paramedic”, is not however a place to talk about myself, or my family. I share that only as a way for you to get to know the person who will be writing these articles as they happen. I do not believe in anonymity and wish not to hide behind my writing. What I will be sharing with you, the public, will be truth and fact, and hopefully it will inspire you that there just may be some hope for our beloved Hathian after all. Also, no personal names, other than mine, will be used in this series in order to protect those involved. So let’s begin.

On Tuesday morning, I walked into Lou’s Bar for a drink, as I wanted to catch up with the owner and see what the latest word was around town. I didn’t plan on getting any alcohol, as I was on call in case the radio on my belt chirped that I was needed, but it was clear though that this morning would not be like any other day I had experienced in my beloved town.

The bar was in shambles. Tables were overturned, stools had been knocked on their sides, and the drinks along the back wall of the bar were smashed open. Booze spilled everywhere leaving quite the interesting smell in the air, by the way. Glass shards were strewn about haphazardly all over the place. Frankly, it looked like a bomb had gone off.

It thankfully was not a bomb though, as the culprit became clear through observation. A large, very angry looking black dog-wolf sat on top of the pool table as the owner of the bar, who was clearly less than thrilled with the state of her bar, was attempting to rectify the situation.

As I asked her if she needed help, suggesting perhaps a piece of meat or some other lure for the animal, she assured me that we did not negotiate with terrorists and took a stool, approaching the pool table with it guarding her from the dog. As if the dog wasn’t enough to deal with, a black crow soon swooped into the bar, knocking over glasses as it went. As you can imagine, this did not make the dog any happier. He acted this out by rolling around on the table, marking his territory as dogs are known to do. The bird meanwhile, continued to haunt the dog, deciding to also mark the territory of the pool table in its own way, which as you can also imagine, did not improve the mood of the bar owner.

Before long, the owner of the dog arrived at the bar. He was wearing an OSMC biker vest and was clearly not amused at the actions of the animal. He yelled at it in German and the dog listened immediately, moving to his side with a look that said it knew that it was in trouble. The biker asked what we had been doing to his dog and the owner of the bar argued that his dog was the one that had made this entire mess to begin with. The biker assured that he would get a couple of prospects in to clean up the mess, but I and a couple of other girls were already working on cleaning things up around the bar.

As if on cue, one of the prospects arrived, clearly not expecting to be there for cleaning duty. He willingly offered his assistance, though, and joined us in the cleanup efforts while the biker and the bar owner went downstairs to the office to discuss things, though not before the bar owner thanked us all for our help.

This story has nothing to do with being a paramedic, or the FDH, or crime at all. But that is why I wanted to start with it for this series. As a paramedic, we see gruesome things all the time. We see people at their worst at the hands of a humanity that is scarred, broken, and often does evil things. Especially here in Hathian, as you all know. What we need to remember though is that there are still people in this town who look out for each other. People willing to clean up bar stools and tables even though they are not the ones that made the mess in the first place. Remember that there is always, always, a bright spot in every story. Sometimes, you just really have to want to see it.

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