Candidate Catch Up: Kian Traviss

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With Hathians Voting Polls being open, citizens have been busy going out to vote and trying to decide on the right person for them. Another impressive candidate running for City Council, Kian Traviss has been peaking everyone’s curiosity with his last minute decision to run.

Kian was born in Akron, Ohio. His mother passed away at an early age, leaving him with a Dentist for a father. He decided to try a different path for himself though; music. Playing bass and piano he joined a band, but in the end it didn’t work out. Eventually he pursued a career in producing, landing him the job at WKRK. Only living in Hathian for three years, Kian has already made quite a reputation for himself. I was lucky enough to speak to him regarding his thoughts and views on this election.


Thianya Kanya: You kind of announced your running last minute. What made you decide to run for City Council, and was it a hard decision for you to make?

Kian Traviss: There are several factors in my decision, and yes it was something I contemplated and didn’t put in until the last minute. I had a conversation on Twitter to Peri, one of the current council members and she kept asking me what I would do. So that kind of hit me, if I want to see change and be part of it I need to get my voice out there. I have a lot of ideas, and I have the best interests of commerce and the future of my children in mind. The reason why I lagged on making the decision was because I’m so damned busy.

TK: If elected, what would you like to see done first in regards to fixing our city, what do you feel needs the most attention?

KT: Well, that’s not easy to answer. There’s so much that needs done. I guess I’d try and start on commerce. Louisiana is one of the major exporters in the United States. We should be attracting more businesses here, we have an accessible port, that alone could be at least a good portion of this city’s revenue. It also creates jobs, local income tax and beneficial to the existing businesses by traffic alone. Of course we would need to strengthen our infrastructure as well. That’s what I’d start pushing for right away.

TK: What are some other things you’d want the mayor and council to focus on?

KT: Crime rate, obviously… and the usual funding for education, it’s kind of a no brainer there, the usual political talk. My main focus would be for commerce and the mental health of this city, which would actually effect the crime rate, that’s the hope. I’ve invested in a Catholic run rehabilitation and spiritual center where they house individuals who have trouble with addiction and even the criminally ‘insane’. I use that word because it is what it is. If we can help as many people as we can, maybe that will make an impact. If anything, it’s brought a place to finally worship again, for those who keep the faith.

“My interest in politics stem from my dad, he’s always been involved in a board or council of some sort. I want to contribute to Hathian in every way that I can”

Most people in the city are quick to complain about police corruption, but do criminals have the right to judge the police? Kian had some riveting thoughts when it came to the HPD and on what laws could use, a bit of an update.

TK: What are your view on the HPD with corruption and brutality, and do you think it’s something you guys would be able to fix in office?

KT: As far as police corruption, you got to look at it this way. Hathian has a lot of corruption in and out of the police department. I can’t tell you where or when it began, it exists. I once was under the illusion that the HPD was the sole enemy, and that the criminals were slated that unfairly, but…the longer that I am here, the more I realize that if you’re going to do bad things, karma is gonna get you. Sure I’ve been a victim of police aggression, but I’ll tell you this much, now that Angel and Grace are no longer in the HPD, I can see things will probably be a lot better. Those two women were the depiction of corruption, I know this, first hand. And you can quote me on that. The FBI apparently was here doing an investigation, hopefully that trend will end

” I cannot feel sorry for, nor advocate the treatment of any criminals out there complaining about police corruption. I just can’t and wont.”

TK: Are there any laws you think need to be changed, or laws put in place that aren’t already there?

KT:  I do think that some laws, outdated and such could be cleaned up, I did make a comment on the radio about that before. Just need some sort of committee to go through them all and do away with all that bureaucracy and red tape with the outdated law. Drugs should not be illegal to do, those drug addicts should be treated, not locked up. As far as being put into place, not so much laws as I would maybe try to implement more community service for law breakers, and put fines on businesses for promoting any gang activity…things like that.

“Do you realize in Michigan, you can get fifteen years for a blowjob and sodomy? We’d all be locked up.” 

TK: Have you had the chance to meet with any of your fellow candidates so far during this election?

KT: No, I haven’t, perhaps if I was running for Mayor I would, but my ego isn’t that large because let’s face it, I’m thirty-four and not even close to knowing it all, this is my first time in politics. I have talked to Alex a little bit, I support her for the other seat. She’s a smart cookie.

TK: Do you have any ideas when it comes to generating funds for the city if elected?

KT: Well it goes back to what I was talking about before, boosting our exporting business and bringing in some factories and more local business. I have an idea to tax the businesses that do come here but at the same time we have to make it attractive for them to be here. I don’t know much about that one candidate, Azreal, he has some good ideas though from what he says that he does for a living. Income from taxing drugs after they become legal, growing..we’ve already passed marijuana, the city is missing out on a lot of revenue by the underground drug trade. I plan on promoting some charity events through Sunny View, the Catholic Church also spoke of matching donations for the city as well if it comes to that.

TK; With this election being so fast paced , do you feel like the use of Twitter and other social media has been effective, or do you feel like the candidates should be getting out in the public more to campaign?

KT: I think social media has been a valuable tool in this campaign. It is too short, with our schedules, the holidays and such has just made it impossible to make any debate plans, I think. So really, this is almost a blind election unless you know your candidates very well, and you are helping out tremendously.

Kian Travis seems to have some great ideas, but only YOU can help him change the city.

“Despite  any unfriendly voters I have out there, I would like them to keep in mind, that if this city fails and goes under, there’s not going to be anything left for you, for me or for our children no matter who birthed them. So I would like people to think about that when making their choices in this and every election to come, do the right thing. That is all.”

Voting polls have opened, and will be ongoing until the 12th at 8pm. You can place your vote at the Civil Services building on Hathian Highway, inside the lobby of the Hathian Police Department, or within the gym at Columtreal University.


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