Mutilated Marionette Doll Found with No Strings Attached

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Twists and turns often happen in life, people connected by small threads that intertwine with each other, how one encounter can lead to a tragic and horrific end.

At around 5.45pm on Saturday the 6th February, the body of a young blond was found lying on a rain soaked, mouldy mattress that had been sat for many years under the bridge, behind Titty Twister. The body was discovered by a young man, Kai Slater ((runawaystreetrat)) who recalled the scene with much horror, and dismay, the police arriving at the scene minutes later to find a gruesome discovery.

The body of the young woman had clearly been mutilated, her breasts severed from her body and stuffed in her mouth. Her nails had also been torn off, and sources say that her teeth had also been torn out, and that she had been raped by some sort of blade, likely while still alive. Strangely, the victim had also been painted up, with marker pen to look like a doll, with ball joints and makeup. There were two messages left on the body “Fuck Off and Die” on her back and “Fear The Reaper” on her front.

Who would exact such a despicable and sickening torture? Was it gang related or a personal vendetta, the positioning of the young victim was performed with such care and attention to detail, that it screams sadistic killer.  No suspect so far has been identified in this horrific murder. However, any updates on this crime will be announced.

This remains a clear warning to all citizens of Hathian, a brutal killer is at large, be aware of the Reaper.

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