Hathian Hearts: Volume 4

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Bob, in you I know this city can believe. Oh, your mother, your Hina, for me you could leave. But my heart beats faster whenever you’re near. Because with you in my bed my fear would disappear.

Only a single glimpse of your pannus would put me in a panic. Now with love for you I’m simply Manic. Dear Bob I know you like them stacked, for you I’d go under the knife. I’ll get the biggest set they offer if you would only make me your wife.

Like you I know that people here can be mean Only together would our life here be a dream. Violently my love for you is ready to burst. Earnestly I believe it’s best that we consummate this before it gets worse. Yes Bob I beg please give me a reprieve. Only say that you’ll let me be your dear… Utterly take me and make me your valentine this year. #BobBondForMayor

-A Secret Admirer

To Mr. Caverly

I really like your penis and your cuddles are the best.

– Mrs. Caverly

When we first met we actually argued about something that I still don’t know if that was worth arguing over. Yet a simple dinner turned into friendship, friendship turned in best friends, best friends turned into…well best friends with benefits I guess? Now that has turned into everything and more. You’re my best friend, my colleague, my boss, my lover. And I love you. Always. Here’s to us, ginger nut.

-Love Boo

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