Paraplegic Abused, Arrested On False Charges

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Late last month on July 31st, a young paraplegic woman was arrested from The Pie Hole, even though she claims she did nothing wrong.

The victim, Mbali Basara, says, “I was going to give them the pizza when one of the officers started making very rude comments to me. Then I said I would get them the pizza, I was ignoring them. My phone went off because I set an alarm on it to alert me when it was time to take a new blood thinner I’m on. I reached into my pouch on the side of my chair for the phone and my medication and they started shouting that I was going for a weapon.

“One of the officers grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of my chair. I’m a paraplegic, I can’t feel much below my waist. They searched the pouch and found my blood pressure medication and blood thinners. They called me a drug mule then said I was in this place to steal. I work here, I am the manager. They wouldn’t listen. They arrested me and pinned me to the ground.”

After being arrested, her nightmare did not end there. “They took away my chair once they brought me to the Hathian Police Department and put me into a cell. I needed my medications then, but they wouldn’t listen. They practically took my legs away when they took my chair away.”┬áBasara continues, “I went without my medication for almost four hours, which can be bad because I am starting a new blood thinner. They didn’t care though, they just laughed.”

When asked how she was released, she answered saying that a friend of hers, who works for HPD, let her out after seeing that the charges were false. “But, I am all right now,” she concludes.

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