Woezus Malone Is All About the Struggle

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Many come to Hathian with nowhere else to go, however some arrive to get a new start. Woezus Malone, an up and coming musical performer, is doing just that. You may have seen his promotions on Twitter, perhaps even heard him spitting words on the streets, but only the Hathian Observer has the inside look on the musician who’s all about the struggle.

Geoffrey Welders: Woe, what do you have to say for your career as a musician? What can you say in regards to how you started out and ended up in the place where you are now?

Woezus Malone: I would say it all started in Chicago about six years ago. You know, like just little witty freestyles then it grew into stories then little songs then big songs. Now I’m on my to big songs. Not quite where I want to be, but at a level that creates a confidence that is just right for the sound that I’m creating.

GW: Why is it that you have come to Hathian? What opportunities did Chicago not have for you that you thought to find here?

WM: Chicago gained me the same publicity as every other artist. I think a place like this has never had a artist like me; bringing the sound that I bring. This city has the same lame ass artist that you see everywhere, the type of artist that really wants to do movies but hides behind the same wack ass sound to milk the fans to pay his bills. I feel like what I’m doing will be better than that and will create a more original, diverse, and stronger fan base than back home. Not saying anything is wrong with back home cause them will for ever be my niggas, and I ride with them strong any day.

GW: Chicago was a little oversaturated with talent and publicity. In Hathian, you undoubtedly will have a more raw and genuine experience here. No doubt, there is a lot of room to grow as an artist. What, if anything, are you adapting from this city in your music? Is there any sort of experience or tone from this area that you will work into tracks?

WM: Oh I’m taking a lot in from the city like the stories I been hearing about: the crime, the crazy ass police, the women. You can basically say the more urban side of this city. I feel like there is a culture that can work great with my music.

GW: Hathian is definitely not short on culture. There is a lot of diversity here among it’s people from the people of the Atapaka Reservation to those who work the streets. Tell me, how do you see yourself in Hathian? Where is your place here?

WM: I feel In Hathian I’m just a young nigga trying come up and live big then show my niggas how to do the shit, like turn my hustle into dreams that money can buy.

GW: You hope to one day lead by example for others who pursue a path similar to your own. That requires quite a large presence, both off and on the stage. How might people out there be able to find your? What is it you want them to take away from it as well?

WM: My message is in my music: know yourself and your worth, never give up on yourself or what you want to purse no matter what anybody says. Know the game and follow the rules. And lastly, know what’s going on around you at all times.

GW: Do you have plans for a tour? Will Hathian be seeing any performances by you in the near future?

WM: I’ll be putting together a tour as soon as I finish and release the mix-tape. Management mostly handles the more complicated parts of that. As far as any shows, I think there will be a few in the future just keep your ears open as far as that goes.

GW: I’m sure Hathian and other venues out there will have something to look forward to. Will you be working with any other artists, locally or otherwise? Hathian has quite a bit of talent, it would be unfortunate to pass that up.

WM: I welcome other artist to work with me, I feel that’s how you grow as a artist in this type of industry. Although, I would prefer not to work with artist that has lost touch with the city. I can think of thats like that, but I wont call any names, but he knows who he is.

GW: Do you have any comments you wish to share? Any stories you would like to put out there? Perhaps you have some advice for others in Hathian or budding artists.

WM: Any stories? I could go on forever about the stories, but I would say you got to listen to the music to get those. As far as other artists, I’ll tell them get out here and do something with your music. Don’t let that shit pass you by, let that ambition lead you, and that hunger keep you going.

Woezus spits a mad flow, but will it keep up to Hathian’s pace? Only the reviews of avid listens will tell. Follow @Woezus on Twitter and keep a watch on Radar Records for new releases and tour dates to come.

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