Municipal Services Go the Extra Mile for Shooting Victim

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When Vudu Spice clerk and local Atakapa native Mahkah Locklear put in a public plea for help for her friend, Mbali Basara who was a recent victim of the Hathian Sniper; she never expected such a huge outpouring of support. Locklear, who recently reported the blatant theft of a donation fund set up to buy Basara a new wheelchair says that the Hathian Police Department went above and beyond to make things right.

“The officer who took the report gave me fifty dollars from her own pocket toward the cost of a rental chair,” Locklear said. “Then, in less than twenty-four hours, the man who stole her wheelchair money was arrested.

“The donation fund (to get Basara a new wheelchair) was barely established before Doctor Amaya Hartly of Hathian General Hospital contacted me and said she wanted to cover the entire cost of a new wheelchair. Within minutes, Officer Ronin Kanaye of the Hathian Police Department contacted me wanting to cover all of her medical expenses and provide her with health insurance.

“I am just blown away by this response, you hear such terrible things about the police, but they really came through for Mbali.”

Shortly after receiving the generous donations, Locklear drove her friend to a medical supply company to be fitted and measured for a new chair. “Mbali is so excited, she’ll have her ‘new legs’ within the week all paid for and taken care of.”

Happy endings in Hathian are exceedingly rare, but in this case it seems like the local municipality has proven that there are a few good eggs in the bunch.

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