Wheelchair Donation Fund Stolen

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It was mid-afternoon Monday when Hathian Police were called to the skate park where the Hathian Sniper had struck again, gunning down a group of innocent bystanders from the roof of the theater including a six-year-old boy, and a disabled woman.

Among those injured was 24-year-old Mbari Basara who was shot once in the leg. Basara, who has been paralyzed for the last ten years and requires a wheelchair to get around, was more upset by the destruction of her chair than the sustained gunshot wound.

Immediately following the shooting, Basara’s friend Mahkah Locklear took up a donation to get Basara a new wheelchair before she is released from the hospital.

“I was still shaking from the attack, I mean, what kind of monster tries to kill an innocent little boy and a woman in a wheelchair?” Locklear was quoted as saying. “I just got as much money together as quickly as I could and gave it to our friend Joe, and I asked him to get a wheelchair for Mbari.”

However, Basara’s streak of bad luck did not end there. While visiting her friend in the hospital, Locklear received a series of text messages from Joe who apologetically confessed that he spent all of the wheelchair money on recreational drugs. “I did not believe him at first,” Locklear said. “I mean, she’s his friend, what kind of person would do that?” But eventually, Locklear realized that Joe was being serious.

“I was livid,” said Locklear. “I immediately went to the HPD to report the theft, the officer at the window was so nice, she contributed fifty dollars to the new wheelchair fund… but its not enough, and until we have one, Mbari is basically stranded and helpless.”

Locklear has established a gofundme campaign to try and raise money for a new wheelchair for Mbari who does not have medical insurance. “We can’t just grab her a one-size-fits-all chair from Sloppy Seconds,” Locklear said. “She could fall out, she has to be measured and the chair has to be built and customized for her. It isn’t cheap.”

They are hoping raise the $2,800.00 that a new chair would reportedly cost. Any donations they receive in excess of the cost of the chair will go to pay for Basara’s medical expenses.

To make a donation, you can contact Mahkah Locklear (lourna.fanbridge) at 555-3182.

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