Bakery Fire Leads to Kidnapping

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On Sunday afternoon, the Hathian Fire Department responded to a fire call at Berthier Bakery. Flames were put out quickly and the bakery was sealed off for investigation.

According to Lieutenant Cooper, the fire was likely arson. As for the accelerate, that is still unknown. Officer Kanaye got samples from the charred furniture, the floors and the walls. The fire seemed to have started at the table area. According to witnesses there was a woman tossing matches. Matches without an accelerate, however, would not have caused such a big fire. The kitchen was mostly in tact so it was not a gas leak. Answers will hopefully be provided when lab results are returned.

The only injury reported was one female suffering smoke-inhalation. She was treated easily and transported to HGH for treatment.

After the patient was transported, Lieutenant Cooper went back to the scene to help with the investigation. It had been reported that the owner of the bakery, Koutou, had been kidnapped amidst the chaos.

Reporting Officer Ronin Kanaye informed us that the fire was no accident. “According to witnesses, the suspect, Voltiel Rassir, attacked and kidnapped Koutou, the bakery shop owner and set the place on fire with a match. Evidence from Fire Rescue shows that the major burn areas were caused by some sort of fuel that forensics are currently investigating.”

The HPD are continuing the search for Koutou, but there have been no leads on her whereabouts.

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