Mayor Ousted On Drug Allegations

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Mayor Robert Boxer has been forced out of office in the light of recent cocaine allegations. This is not the first time Boxer has been accused of drug use and other questionable behaviour.

In May of 2013, possible drug addiction surfaced when an anonymous source approached The Observer, claiming to have footage of the mayor smoking crack. Both the editor and a long time reporter viewed the video, and agreed that it was indeed Boxer in the clip. The mayor, of course, denied any wrong doing.

Last month, however, evidence against him started to mount, coming to a point where his publicist was unable to manage. Boxer eventually admitted that he had a substance abuse problem, not only with cocaine, but with alcohol as well.

City council, including the ousted mayor, have agreed to dissolve the current positions and start fresh in hopes to bring new life to the city.

Elections are likely to begin in late Spring, and until then, council, excluding the mayor, will continue to hold the reigns. Some hopeful candidates for both mayoral and council positions have already thrown their hats into the ring upon hearing of the soon to be vacant positions.

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