Election Candidates Revealed

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In one short week, Hathian will be taking part in its first election since June of 2011, in which former mayor Robert Boxer was elected in a landslide win.

The first round of voting will take place on February 27th, and run until March 1st, which will thin the field before the final vote in early Spring. The final election will take place on March 27th until March 29th, which is where the city will finally pick its new leader.

Ballot boxes are already being prepared, and will be set up at a variety of locations, including, but not limited to, the Columtreal University gym and the lobby of the Hathian Police Department.

Mayoral candidates are as follows:

  • Agatha Ragged
  • Shoshana Davros
  • Karn Nevelle
  • Kayl Vond
  • Clover Fordyce
  • Rabid Calhern
  • Cook Harper

City Council candidates are as follows:

  • Grace Johnson
  • Inara Shen
  • Vanessa Sharanova
  • Zipporah Caverly
  • Viola Bach
  • Bliour Michaels
  • Jayda Ferrentino
  • Gabrielle Ronas
  • Janey Hopkins
  • Paige Davenport
  • Perina McGinnis
  • Rachell Vond-Washborne

The candidates reflect the wide range of diversity the city has, with potential mayors and council members being young and old, male and female, from all different creeds and backgrounds. Campaign trails are already being forged, and clear front runners are starting to emerge.

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