The Women of Hathian

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In the daily life of Hathian, we have adapted to hearing stories about criminals and the insane being appropriate in situations that normally aren’t legal. Have you ever wondered how the normal people of Hathian live their daily lives? Did you ever wonder why people are even in this town? We have interviewed three women about what lead them to Hathian.

I first spoke to a woman named Belle Kimberland. She was born in Arkansas, and was married at 22 to her now ex husband. The break-up was very bitter and she decided to move to Hathian for a short period while she got over the split. She met new friends and found a job with the Hathian Police Department. Shortly afterwards, she got engaged again to a new man and got pregnant with her now daughter Victoria. The relationship didn’t last and she ended up becoming a single mother.

She never really thought of moving away because she’s gotten very attached to the town. I asked her if she thought the town was safe to raise her daughter in and she said, “Everywhere is gong to have crime, small towns or large cities it doesn’t matter. My daughter’s safety is solely in my hands. So I would like to say yes cause in this day and age crime is everywhere not just Hathian.” Our interview ended with her statement about Hathian “it’s just a town.”

The next interview involved a woman named Aurora Brighton. She grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, and was born blind. Her parents supported her through her young life, making sure it was a normal childhood. She moved to Hathian was because she wanted to go to Columtreal, but two days after moving to town, she was robbed.

A friend got her a job as a dispatcher for the HPD. She enjoyed the job until she got kidnapped by people who wanted to teach the department a lesson. During her time in Hathian, she has been raped and even used as a hooker by her boyfriend. Her then boyfriend used to pimp her out to a man named Mo, who she later fell in love with and also became pregnant by. When she found out she was pregnant she moved in with Mo. Her life was looking up, but her fairytale was cut short when she begun getting stalked by another man. He had done several disturbing things to her until he and his friends brutality raped her and tortured her for a full week.

When she was released she gave birth to her baby named Odette before Mo proposed to her. He later left her claiming it was too difficult. Aurora hopped around jobs to try and support herself and her daughter and briefly lived on the streets. She is currently a resident at the Master Bates Inn with her very healthy baby. Her life is starting to look up again since she’s starting her new pet care business. She doesn’t know how long this could last for. She always hopes that life will get better.

My last interview was with a woman named Zipporah Caverly. She was born in Cairo, Egypt to doctor father and a stay-at-home mother. When she was 18 she decided to leave Egypt and moved to Miami, Florida. She went to university where she got a degree in criminal justice and she also received her first responders certification.

Afterwards she got herself a job as a police officer for the Miami Police Department at the age of 21, and stayed there until she was 25. She then moved to Hathian where she has became a police officer for the HPD and she met her now husband Hunter. They had a baby together last July and got married in October. She said that Hathian is a very dangerous place, but her main priority is the safety of her family.

She told me the story of when she was kidnapped by a woman outside the fire station. She was stabbed in the leg and taken away to a unknown location, and thrown into a cage. Over the next while she was beaten, abused, harassed verbally and tortured. At one stage she was even flogged by the woman. She was told that she had been dropped off at Amira and Jeremiah Xuanxang’s wedding, and that her heart stopped beating during the trip to get to the hospital. She was brought back to life by the amazing work of the paramedics and she would like to thank Seth and Rachell Vond. During her attack she was told it was because she was a part of the HPD a cycle that seems to happen in Hathian. Caverly is very proud of her family and the life that she has, and she is extremely happy with how lucky she is.

I would like to thank all of the women for there amazing and inspiring life stories.

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