Radio Show Hacked By ‘Hacktivist’ Group

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On Monday, WKRK radio show host DJ Travis was hacked during his morning broadcast. He was in the midst of playing a track when strange music came on. It was “the kind you hear in a haunted house,” DJ Travis recalled.

Then a mechanical or synthesized voice came on and DJ Travis’ broadcast feed shut down. “I heard it and jumped to the control panel inside and outside the booth and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Nothing I did allowed me to regain my broadcast,” the jockey explained.

The broadcast lasted only a few minutes before allowing DJ Travis to regain control of the feed. He theorized that it was an introduction to the purpose of the activist group “Liberate”.

The transcript of the broadcast was shared with the Observer, allowing the message sent from the radio to be shared with those who missed it on Monday morning.

“The Liberate is a symbol of what we represent. Our masks and our actions are our identity. We represent the ideals of truth, freedom, and the removal of oppression across this city. Like any symbol, we affix it wherever we go, as you will see from street to street, building to building and upon your own personal and social lives. We wanted you to know that the Liberate has a sense of unity and willingness to make a difference in the world around us. Our goal is to cause as much mischief as is possible without causing real harm.

We are the Liberate;
We are the common people.
We are fed up,
We are past our limits.
We are the face of chaos,
The harbingers of judgment.
We laugh in the face of Tyranny;
We mock those that shall give us pain.
We ruin the lives of those people simply because we can.
We are the embodiment of humanity,
We hate those offenders,
Our Targets that have no remorse,
And no sense of morality.
We have only the desire to see you pay.
We are everywhere.
We are nowhere.
And now, quite simply, you have our attention Hathian.
We are here…”

Other than the broadcast and their anonymous twitter account, TheLiberate_CD, little is known about the group.

No report has been filed with Hathian Police Department about the hacking of WKRK radio. Without a report, the HPD is unable to investigate the case.


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